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  1. 1.My name's Gogo. (我是Gogo)
  2. 2.What's his name (新朋友)
  3. 3.She's my mother. (一家人)
  4. 4.What's this (大鱼缸)
  5. 5.Is that a tiger (可爱的动物)
  6. 6.What color is this (美丽的花园)
  7. 7.What are they (苹果、橘子和梨)
  8. 8.How old are you (生日快乐)
  9. 9.How many are there (数数看)
  10. 10.What's the time, please (时间和钟)
  11. 11.What do you like (超级市场)
  12. 12.Do you like sausages (野餐)
  13. 13.Revision (上电视)
  14. 14.Do you have a ruler (在学校)
  15. 15.Let's eat. (烦恼的Jenny)
  16. 16.I can swim. (拍电影)
  17. 17.You're big. (游乐园)
  18. 18.We're hungry. (小餐馆)
  19. 19.She has a towel. (夏天的海滩)
  20. 20.I want a sweater, please. (新衣服)
  21. 21.Where's Gogo (捉迷藏)
  22. 22.What's she doing (潜水艇)
  23. 23.What are we doing (跳舞的木偶)
  24. 24.We're building a tree house. (树上的房子)
  25. 25.Where are you going (我们要去哪)
  26. 26.Revision (三个小海盗)
  27. 27.May I have a blanket (Gogo病了)
  28. 28.Whose dress is it (洗衣服)
  29. 29.That's a big dinosaur. (博物馆)
  30. 30.How much is that robot (玩具店)
  31. 31.I want to go to the moon. (月球旅行)
  32. 32.The yellow kite is hers. (放风筝)
  33. 33.When is your birthday (时间旅行)
  34. 34.Show me your tickets, please. (Gogo航班)
  35. 35.I want some cards, please. (神奇的机器)
  36. 36.May I make some soup, please (小厨师)
  37. 37.This camel moves quickly. (神秘的金字塔)
  38. 38.What are you going to do (魔术师)
  39. 39.Revsion (Gogo电视台)